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based on design input from thousands of beauty lovers, our newest eyelash curler is designed to address the most 4 common problems people have identified with their other curlers.

1. capture all lashes, even the corners - featuring a generous opening and large curvature, our curler allows you to capture lashes with ease and target specific sections of your eye, especially the inner/outer corners.

2. lots of refills - our curler comes with 1 pad installed + 1 refill pad in the box. At checkout, you can request an additional 3-pack refill (complimentary) for a total of 5 curler pads. 

3. a long lasting curl - a substantial and responsive curler pad that's calibrated to give your lashes an instant, all-day lift. the bright color makes it easier to see the lashes so you're always in control.

4. made to last - unlike most curlers on the market that are made using fully automated machines. our curler is hand assembled and calibrated by artisans in Japan to the highest quality standards. there's no need to replace your curler each year.

PS - don't forget to claim the complimentary 3-pack curler refill in cart!

Celebrity makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes demo's her technique to get the hard-to-reach inner/outer corner lashes by tilting the curler and curling in sections.


Editorial makeup artist Jaleesa Ajaikaran shows her method to avoid getting harsh bends and instead achieve a dramatic all-day curl.


Editorial makeup artist Meghan Nguy shares her tips to minimize pinching when using an eyelash curler.


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the rephr curler is designed based on input we've gathered from design surveys. we're so grateful to have received thousands of submissions and below are some of the summary and findings that have contributed to the design of this curler.

why we settled on a large curvature

more than 50% of surveyed users cited "inadequate performance" as the most frustrating thing about their existing eyelash curlers, with curling inner and outer corner lashes cited as the most common problem.

to address this problem, we designed the rèphr eyelash curler with a generous opening and large curvature, which allows you to easily capture lashes and curl one section of the eye at a time. the generous curvature also helps minimize pinching in the corners, which is the 2nd most common pain point with existing curlers.

why we include 5 pads with each curler

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