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the complete face collection

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all 11 face brushes. available together at a black-friday-only price. 

note that the brushes will be shipped carefully with minimal packaging. a complimentary vanity component B will be included for day-to-day brush storage.

handcrafted by master artisans in Japan using natural uncut goat hair. brush 17 and 31 include synthetic fibres to enhance compatibility with liquid products.

  • brush 04 - angled cheek brush that's optimized for contour, blush and foundation.
  • brush 05 - our flagship multi-purpose cheek brush.
  • brush 17 - a dense & powerful flat-top brush for precision foundation and blush.
  • brush 18 - our best-selling highlight brush.
  • brush 19 - an all around multi-purpose cheek brush for natural looks.
  • brush 20 - for controlled application of highlight and contour.
  • brush 22 - our flagship bronzer brush
  • brush 24 ultra soft, dense and a more substantial version of the popular brush 05
  • brush 25 - the new & improved version of brush 11, which is undoubtedly the most requested rèphr brush of all time.
  • brush 30 luxurious, impossibly soft and perfectly airy. likely our final powder brush release.
  • brush 31 the larger sibling to brush 17 and is packed with both natural and synthetic fibres to deliver a luxurious, streak-free application.
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