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the complete eye collection

all 15 eye brushes. available together at a black-friday-only price. 

note that the brushes will be shipped carefully with minimal packaging. a complimentary vanity component B will be included for day-to-day brush storage.

handcrafted by master artisans in Japan using natural uncut goat hair.

  • brush 01 - the community's favourite do-it-all blending brush.
  • brush 02 - a versatile high-density shader that will pack on shadow like no other.
  • brush 03- the pro-favourite pencil brush that achieves the impossible balance between softness and precision.
  • brush 12 - a high impact smudge brush that's been meticulously balanced to achieve the optimal density, firmness and softness.
  • brush 13 - the smallest crease brush in our lineup that offers unparalleled precision, yet unexpectedly fluffy and soft.
  • brush 14 - a small crease brush specifically designed for the hooded eye.
  • brush 15 - a versatile, medium sized crease brush built for impactful pigments and effortless blending.
  • brush 16 - a large tapered crease brush that's ideal for applying a quick wash of base color on lids.
  • brush 21 an impactful shader designed for shimmers and cream products. inspired and made specifically at the request of the beauty community.
  • brush 23 - the smallest and finest pencil brush in our collection.
  • brush 26 the largest pencil brush in our collection allows effortless work on inner and outer corners with speed and an unexpectedly level of accuracy.
  • brush 27 without a doubt the fluffiest blending brush in our lineup.
  • brush 28 a shader that excels at precision application of liquids, creams & shimmers.
  • brush 29 firm & dense, our very first liner brush is optimized for winged eyeliner looks.
  • brush 32 a favorite amongst early testers, brush 32 has a unique shape that's designed for blending our harsh lines, smudging, and eye contouring.
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