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small but mighty.

brush 13

the smallest crease brush in our lineup. this brush offers unparalleled precision, yet unexpectedly fluffy and soft.

the shape of brush 13 has been carefully calibrated to work with all eye shapes, including hooded eyes and monolids.

handcrafted in Kumano, Japan by master artisans using uncut natural hair.

bristle length: 13mm

behind the scenes


about how brush 13 is created

does brush 13 work as described?

is this brush soft?

ways to use brush 13



see how the precision of brush 13 and brush 02's ability to pack on pigment allows you to do an effortless cut crease.

brushes used: brush 13, brush 02

how to achieve a soft glamour eye with only 2 brushes.

brushes used: brush 01, brush 13